Blues and Bullets: Episodes 1 & 2


Blues and Bullets is a dark and violent crime thriller. Set in an alternative Eliot Ness & Al Capone story. Blues and bullets blends a stunning script with detective work to deliver an amazing interactive experience.

Platforms: Pc; XBox One, Playstation 4 
Tool Used: Unity3D 
Duration: 13 Months 
Team Size: 30 
Role: Junior Game Designer


The game was awarded at Game Connection Development Awards in the category of Excellence in Story & StoryTelling.
"GameSpot awarded the first episode a score of 7.0 out of 10, saying "Although Blues and Bullets isn’t without its flaws, this first episode sets a distinctive comic-book, crime-noir attitude compelling enough to keep you playing and looking forward to what the series will offer in future installments." ComboCaster awarded the first episode 8.3 out of 10, praising the story and pacing. The Sixth Axis awarded the first episode a score of 7 out of ten, saying "The End Of Peace feels like A Crowd Of Monsters has crammed too much within the two and a half hour introductory episode, with lots of characters and events occurring without much time to digest what came before."-Wikipedia


I was brought on during the second half of the Episode 1 development. I was on charge of some scenes wich I worked at the cinematic design, exploration and conversational systems and variables.

In the beginning of the second episode I take the resposability of the investigation scene. I set the camera system, designed the conversations cinematics, placed the clues, etc... Another scene wich I worked in, was the gunfire at the Hindenburg Garden. My tasks were to set the covers, the enemies waves and the scripts. I collaborated in other scenes with dialog choices and camera travellings too. In the final phase of boths episodes, I was in the QA team, reporting bugs and suggesting improvements.

I also collaborated on the script  of one of the tales for the Blues and Bullets Digital Comic.

Props and low poly models

One of the tasks in game development is creating the lore of the game. Making a world where the game is set is a task very important, because it gives credibility to the universe. And most of this reliability is in the objects and details. I bring here some low poly models and pieces of the levels I have done for our game, Slam Junk!

Propaganda Posters

These are the posters you can find in the factory's surrondings. Due the conflict period the game is set in, we have design some propaganda posters which get its inspiration from IIWW advertising and russian constructivism. Please, take a look:


This is the tutorial level of "Slam Junk!". Here, we can in practice the basic skills of the avatar, so the player can learn the basic mechanics. It is a safe area, where there are not enemies or any possibility of death, so it is like a playground, where the player can have some experience with the manipulation of gravity and magnetism.
Below are some images of the zone:

Tank Bot

This is the Tank, one of the most powerful enemies you will find in the game. It's a slow and strong robot, made to fight in close distances. Here we have the pipe line, from the first concept to the 3D model:

Here is the first concept, with  one of the color combination I had choosen. But in the end of the game it will be another designs. I love the idea of a boiler with two legs and two chimneys, like a walking furnace.

In the high poly model, I have made some changes from the concept, like changing the face in order to get something more antromorphic and there are more details like screws and gears.

The low poly model is modeled with 9.211 triangles.

 It's rendered with 2048x2048 textures, and it works with diffuse, gloss, specular, normal, self ilumination and opacity.

To conclude, here is a 3d viewer of the model.

Slam Junk! Trailer

Slam Junk! is the game I have developed with my fellow studients during the Master of Videogames Creation from Pompeu Fabra University.
This game is set in a distopic past, where the electric energy and steam tecnology are in the same point. You are a cyborg, named Drew Knight,  and the energy that keeps you alive it's the source of your magnetic and electric powers. Your mission is to crash into a factory, avoiding all the traps, solving logic puzzles and fighting versus a lot of killer robots.
Here is a sneak peek: